• Kaneda-Akira-DESIGN


Inspired by Akira (1988)


  • Black_Retro_Messenger__Kaneda
  • Kaneda-Girls-Speckled-T-shirt-Black
  • kaneda-akira-zip-black
  • Kaneda-Akira-Ftee-black
  • Kaneda-Akira-pull-black
  • Kaneda-Motrocycles-Black-Sweatshirt-Mock
  • Kaneda-Motorcycles-Black-Mens-Tee-Mock
  • Kaneda-Akira-Mvest-black
  • Kaneda-Akira-Fvest-black

Product Description

Subtle yet quality movie inspired girls fit vests that will make your inner geek smile.

We do our best to source the best quality girls fit vests. We ensure that we only stock girls fit vests that we would be willing to wear ourselves.

Our Akira: Kaneda’s girls fit movie vests:
130gsm, 100% combed cotton screen printed ladies fit vest top

Inspired by Akira (1988)

“Just knock it off now! This all happened because you took my bike for a spin. Enough already.”
This movie design is inspired by the now classic Anime movie Akira. Kaneda heads up the Capsules biker gang in the post WW3 city of Neo-Tokyo. He rides a very cool motorcycle that he fully customised himself
  • Electric Blue, Neon Pink and White print available on a choice of colours
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